Monday, July 16, 2012


Dear Mommy!

Wow this past week was on the wetter side, first monday we had a big ol' nasty storm
and then it has been raining every day since, luckily it stops while we proselyte, lucky eh?  the temperature has been in the high 80s with of course 100 % humidity which makes it about 105-110 degrees.. and of course you sweat your brains out... 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!!!!!!! Feliz cumpleanos a ti, feliz cumpleanos a ti, feliz cumpleanos a mami, feliz cumpleanos a ti! LOVE YOU MOM! 29 AGAIN!!! (BTW that was the happy birthday song in spanish lol) 

Well i still haven't sent the receipts home cuz its hard for me to get to a post office, but when i can i will, and i have physio on fridays still, Kathleen will be telling me about pilates class on this friday.  So Elder Smith and I are getting along well and he is funny! Elder Dowdle and him like to luchar! which means fight. they wrestle and it is hilarious cuz they just tickle each other and Elder Dowdle is SUPER ticklish lol. And i do have to say, that was a huge letter mom lol. and the computer i am using is wonky so i have to scroll right  not up and down... 

about the trip to honduras, YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after hearing David telling me about it, and his dad saying if we ever wanted to go we could stay there, i want to go so badly.!!! David is awesome! he and i will be life long friends/brothers. and he is right, moms are the best! I think he and i are even going to live together at some point, I was one of the only (out of 2) companions that he got along with, and i was the one that he got along with most... i miss that guy! so this next week, please pray for Roberto, who should be getting baptized on sunday... also for Mariela, and Monterio. thanks! My mission means alot to me, dad knows what i mean, it has taught me a lot and I'm sure when i share the journals with you that you will see why. and the pics i have... all in all this past week was not very successful when looking at the key indicators, we blessed a lot of people but they were not super elect cuz they buffed us on our return apts, but the work of God continues, and worlds and lives abound right? (if you could high to Kolob) but i have nothing else to write except that I love you all and take care!

Yours Always

Elder Maki

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