Tuesday, June 26, 2012


So last week we didn't get a letter from Elder Maki.  He did send one for us to forward to his former companion Elder Flores though.  So we kinda asked why he didn't write us.  This was his response.

hi mom!
First of all cool your jets ok? lol the system crashed while i was in  the process of writing you so the 3 page letter and the 7 pics didnt make it. sorry. but the jist of the last letter was just telling you about the PPI's with pres. and all the cool stuff and people that we met that week... but this week was better. we finally met with brittany, a super cool black lady and we invitedd her to church, she said yes and we got her a ride, she came with her two daughters, one of them is deaf, so we were able to find someone in the ward to speaks sign, so it meant alot to her. also We past by her place lastnight, and she told us, "i belong in your church! i felt at home there, the people the environment, thats for me, i loved it!" is was amazing!!! btw this week is transfers, and i am staying here, and Elder Hardman is leaving. Elder Benitez was Emergency Transferred out during PPI's something happened i guess, no matter it aint my bidness. (sorry i have been spending alot of time around black people lol) so you never even told me where Nathan Bullock is going and when he leaves, so could you fill me in on that please? thx lol... oki doki, i got the packages on wednesday, and i was like holy crap when i opened them! The CD's are great they look so cool!!! deffinately better than the first batch eh? and the salsa and the jam made it fine and it is delicious.. Elder Hardman had a hard time leaving the salsa alone lol... tomorrow we find out who my new compi is and if i am senior or junior, i dont really want to be DL again tho, it was alot of work, but i will accept if it is required of me... so its Elder Rugg and I staying in the Homestead areas, and my area is the size of some zones. President texted us yesterday and told us that the Tropical Storm shouldnt affect us, it is turning north east, we will just get alot of wind and rain he said.. but he always keeps us updated.. He never lets us down.. 

that Hyundai Elantra look really nice. Hey dad, i saw what looked like collin Mcrae yesterday in the parking lot with his rally car, it looked pretty sicky gnar!

 so sorry  about last week, I will always write but i had no idea this would happen.  the entire homestead area went black.  Time sucks! 9.5 months left. it is going way to fast!!! I am so excited for James!! and Ryan, btw how is he doing with the visa junk? The story with David, is a long one, ask him if he would tell it to you cuz its not really my place to say. i amsure he would tell you.  he is coming back to the states on July 30th i am so excited to see him! so i am starting transfer 10 out of 16,crazy eh? i bet you remember eh dad? almost at the end of this transfer i hit my six-months-to-sexy lol, is what we call it in the mission. its like "oh crap i have six months left, time to work out" kinda thing lol.. thinking back to the beginning of my mission, in Salt Lake City Mission and all the scary experiences that i had there, (not to be mentioned till after the mission) and thinking to now, playing around in florida city and the time that has gone past and everything is nuts to even think about. goes way way way to fast...its scary sometimes... so how is everything back home? so my last physical therapy is on Friday and then after she is putting me into the Pilates Class,..i will be sending the reciepts and one of my journals home this week or next but they will get to you... I love you all and again im sorry about last week.. but it happens eh?

Yours Always
Elder Maki

Monday, June 11, 2012


Hey Mommy!
Your welcome for the letter mom, you know, i felt you needed a hand written letter from your missionary. So i wrote that letter and there was so much more i wanted to tell you haha but there wasn't enough time in the P-day lol, i am doing great! i am feeling good. I am now working on ab workouts at physical therapy and it kills! oh well,whoever my future wife is will have a husband with washboard abbs lol, jk jk. 

So this past week was pretty good, the Harvest was great but the lessons were few. i just cant wait to get baptisms flowing down here in the ghetto lol. Homestead East had a baptism yesterday. 

If you could mom, send this to Noria, word forword, or copy and paste cuz i am doing it in spanish lol.. Hola Noria,como esta? hace mucho tiempo que no la veia, desculpeme por no envier una carta pero la obra del Senor esta continuando muy bien y yo les extrano! ahora yo estoy en Homestead Florida, la zona mas bajo en la peninsula. pero como esta todo? su mama como le va? Y Kashmil y atermino la escuela hasta el proximo ano verdad? wow el tiempo pass rapido, ya estoy en mi ultimo ano de la mision y me encanta. No puedo esperar hasta que les veo, una gran reunion sera! Cuidense mucho y recuerdanse que el Elder Maki les ama!

thanks mom lol how is everything at home? whats up with Ryan and his mission? i havent heard anything since the skype home,... i am actually kinda worried about him,  but James enters the Mtc in a montheh? how sick! i am so excited for him! just tell him to make sure he excersized well so all that food he with get doesnt make him fat. Also tell him to keep a journal and to embrace every second of the mission! I will be sending my cane with the sword home at some point i just need to find out everything first with how...we had a tornado warning this past week and we had winds around 70 miles an hour, gusting of course, they would go from about 20 miles an hour to 70 in less than a second, there were trees in the streets and windows broken and junk. we are all fine tho... Teiler those clubs are sick! i think Elder Benson would get trunky if he saw those right now cuz he goes home at the end of the transfer.

Dad what is going on with the building Saunas and stuff that would be so cool! you could potentially make a killing doing what you finns do best. lol I had another dream about Teiler serving a mission! it was cool! so its been in the high 90's down here, and it is only the begining of June, that means a nasty storm or hurricane with most likely hit us this year.. it was only in the 70's last year at this time, there was already 2 tropical storms that hit Northern Florida this year and its only June. Oh and with it being rainy season, and in a place where there is the everglades, there are literally billions of mosquitos, would you mind sending lots of the body butter that repells mosquitos? thanks! your the best! well i better end the letter until next week. but i love you all and thank you so much for everything!

Yours Always!
Elder Maki

Monday, June 4, 2012


Hello Mommy!
(mom have you gotten my letter?) oki doki thats awesome that Kathleen talked to you guys! thats awesome!, no she is not a member but i think she will be soon.  I love working with her she is really good! she is down to my level and its really nice.  haha i have to agree to what her lds boss says, she has got good hands. after all the excersizes she does soft tissue work, so it is a heavenly massage and then off to working in the field. i have been on bike all week and i feel better than ever (well, at least better than i was) jaja pues what else can i tell you. (haha i used pues, funnyword) so now i am only going to physical therapy once a week now,which is good, cuz now i have more time to call people to repentance... lol have you ever heard of Florida City? if not it is basically like the northside of lethy,. here it is gangsta town. lol there are alot of spanish people because it is the ghetto and a lot cheaper, but more than nothing alot of blacks. who are super cool people, I look back and i was super racist towards them, but a lot of them want a better life, which is perfect because that is what Christ is offering them! through ME! This has been a miracle week. we have met every single key indicator goal! but Anthony, in Florida City, is getting baptized hopefully the 17th, we have to get him married to his girl and then teach him a little more, and then Tamika, in homestead, wow, we blessed her my second day in the area, and gave her a book of mormon pass-along card, and the next day we got the referal saying she wants the book of mormon, so a couple days ago we gave her one, she is reading it and last night we passed by to teach her and she read it, prayed about it and feels it  is true and accepted to be baptized on the 17th!!! the lessong took maybe 5 minutes and we were out, we have to get her married too. but during the closing prayer which elder Benitez offered, her little 2 year old daughter came up to me, i was folding my arms, and she grabbed my hands and held them, lol it was so adorable! cute baby! and then we left, and some hispani-trash guy asked us to smoke weed with him and we said no and he started cussing us out and bad mouthing us. and when a latino cusses and curses you out, the words they say, mean something about 50 times worse than they do in english, Ryan will see that. Well maybe not cuz he's I'm spain not in the devil's hide-out haha. In this area, you really have to have alot of patience when it comes to people on the streets. cuz you dont know who is gang and who isnt. but its all cool. we put 90 miles on the car this past week, it was awesome! i feel so good now that i have more energy!.

The other day, when i was studying, i had a daydream, it was Teiler... i saw him in a poorer country (almost third world) with a white shirt, a tie and name-tag...He was a missionary! if i could describe the country i would say it looked like either Tonga or Samoa but idk. lol anyway. in the daydream, he was helping this man out, and the man ended up asking to be baptized, and after aweek or so, Teiler batpized him. it was super cool and i almost started crying, I want him to serve a mission so bad! its the best decision i ever made and there are NO REGRETS! Just thinking about the missionaries that would come to our house in the past, to think that i am one of them is amazing! i am a member of the Defendors of  Zion. one of 56 or so thousand. that is quite the army of heleman eh? (muahahaha still Canadian) I spent a little money off the card a couple days ago on bike parts because my tire blew, and i needed a new tube and tire.,i think it was almost 30 bucks or so. oh with the package don't forget to send some Starlight CD's for the peeps down here. thanks! 

I never thought missionary work would be this fun! you know after you graduate you get bored, then all you are doing is working, and you feel you should still be at school but then you head on the mish and you feel outta place for a while but then it becomes who you are and you are right at home. I cant wait to help my cousins, and my Brother prepare for their missions. but i am excited to continue the work here. 

Something now for maria and her mom, they came to visit me yesterday but i had to ignore them. Tell them that it was me that told the other missionaries to tell them that i couldnt have contact with them, and that it was me who said that cannot visit me anymore. tell them i am sorry and then tell them it is because president just wants me to stay focussed on my purpose. Tell them i love them and i am praying for them always! and now something for Teiler... Dude you are graduated!!!!!! or close to it.. but dont get caught up in graduated life, sometimes it sucks! lol, but at the same time you dont have to worry about high school drama lol.. so you gonna just work or go to school? Well i think thats all for this week, I love you all and thenk you for everything! 

Yours Always

Elder Maki