Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Dearest Mommy!!

Dad, your eyes are getting heavy eh? (YES still Canadian!!!) I haven't slept for 2 nights, at all... as you know i spent the week with the ZL's and what an amazing experience!!! but Sister Lavoie, also from Canada, got sick, we had to go and pick them up and take them home, and then at, about 9:30 we got a call to come and give her a blessing, so we go and we stayed there till about 12:30 to make sure she was ok, and we went home, we all knew we were going to get another call to get her to the hospital, so we stayed up to wait for it, it came at 4:30, so once again we go to their apartment, rushed them to the hospital.  So she had to stay the night, so we left to get sister Mata'u some food, and get some other stuff, so we go back at about 6, and we stayed the night in the hospital, neither of us slept, especially me.. but yesterday I came back down to homestead, and i was head-bobbin' it the entire rest of the day. last night i knocked out at about 10 and woke up sick... just from lack of sleep, or maybe the hospital food, idk but it was gross!!! so i went back to bed at 7:30 and was woken up at about 11 to go and email, and shop and junk. and finally here i am, feeling a lot better... 

Elder Maki's condo complex
so with the health and junk, my back is feeling soooooo much better, Kathleen told me to start walking around the appt without the cane, so i have been, and i feel so much better, i go twice this week, and twice next week. so i will be spending over 500$ in the next week to let you know. i bought a exercise ball with the card today. but i also have been getting all invoices and receipts and i have an envelope here i am putting them in... but yes send the package with the usual Canadian candies and stuff. Ya so i got a little taste of what it is like to be a Zone Leader and it is actually pretty fun, i wouldn't mind it. and the leg is good too. but also the exchange with the ZL's helped so much, because Elder Ho Ching (from samoa) just lost his mother a couple weeks ago :( so he helped me out so much!!! I hope you have been talking to Maria, she is awesome.  i just got a email from David also, (Francisco Flores) i call him David, which was really nice. . So please continue to talk to Maria for me, she means alot to me, her and her mom, Maria is like my sister, especially after what we went through with her family. I miss them. So we had Zone Conference this past week and i realized, "Holy Junk i only have 7 transfers left!" crazy eh? i am at transfer number 9 right now, for a Spanish missionary there are 16 transfers in a mission and 18 for an English missionary... Tropical Storm "Beryl" swept through Jacksonville FL a couple days ago and they are watching out for southern Florida because of the heat Float right now... We have been having "Flash Storms" lately, which are cool, because they look like a giant tornado shaped cloud, and it just dumps the rain and then its done, with lightning and thunder of course! but they just "Flash" up and it is cool! Well i am finishing the hardest most difficult chapter in my life and i am starting a new one soon.  as in i am getting better lol.. 

Teiler!!! whatsup bro? dude time flies! you are graduating! that is nutso how fast time goes by. when i started my mission you were in grade 11, now you are graduating! crazazy! how did you like Home Teaching with dad?  its fun eh? i know what you are thinking right now Is Kodi Nuts? right? lol Missionary work is so much fun! especially here cuz you gots tons of cool people to talk to, especially in Spanish! how is the Finnish coming? that would be awesome if you served your mission in Finland eh? well write me a long letter next week lol. Love you Buddy! 

So i got 3 mins left on the computer so i have to close.  I love you all so much and thank you for everything!

Yours Always
Elder Maki

Monday, May 21, 2012


Hey Mami!!

Oki doki! so about the transfer, ya i got transferred to homestead west and guess what...Key Largo is in my area!! my area is freakin HUGE! but hey oh well lol... the steroids are doing really well for me.  i am out harvesting and working like before, not bikes yet tho. but ya the roids are helping me a lot! 

 It has been raining almost everyday here and here in homestead the mosquitos are everywhere!!! but funny thing is, American mosquitos dont like my canadian blood! lol, i havent had one bite... 

my new companions are Elder Hardman, who is from West Valley Utah, who is at 20 months in his mission, me, at 13 months, and elder Benitez, from Paraguay/Utah who we are green breaking, (3 months) they are super coooooooool!!!!!!!!!!! Elder Hardman scared me the first time i saw him lol, but he is just a giant teddy bear.. he is awesome... and Elder Benitez is super cool! With the physio therapist thing, each visit costs $140 and i see them about 2 times a week... so just make sure that there is enough in there if you please... I love you guys a lot! 

Teiler, que paso chicomalo!? no recibi tu carta!!! jk jk jaja whats up Teiler,? hope everythin is well with you, i hope you know i pray alot about you every night.. 

 So Kathleen (my physiotherapist) is putting me on the bike this week so hopefully next week i will be back out on bike.. and President is taking good care of me, i think a little too much lol, he is sending me out with the Zone Leaders from tuesday till friday... idk if it is to see how i am doing with the work or he looking for something else in me or what but we will see jaja.. oki doki. where can i look for that electrical pads things for my back? are you guys still looking? that would help me outsoooo much.  Oh ya and our apartment is NICE!! it is a townhouse!! 4 man apt, 2 floors, 3 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, big kitchen it is nice .

 until next week, i love you all and thank you for all your prayers!!!

Yours Always
Elder Maki

Monday, May 7, 2012


Again let me begin by giving some back ground info of the past week and the goings on.  We conducted a special fast for Elder Maki on the 29th of April with family and a few friends.  Then our entire ward fasted for him on fast sunday.  The opening prayer in Sacrament meeting was amazing as pleas were given from the pulpit that Edler Maki would be granted strength to overcome his infirmities.  Very touching, and everyone we talked to said that they were and are praying for his recovery and adding their faith to ours that he will get better.

Dearest Mommy!

Well this past week was a "what the heck" week, first, we are a trio now, Elder Gutierrez was emergency transferred and Elder Dean, Elder Shepherd and I were put into a trio to tackle both areas.. its hard let me tell ya! especially because my pain is getting worse......they gave me tramodol, the closest thing to a narcotic without being one, and cyclobenzaprine, a muscle relaxant... knocks me right out, therefore it is difficult to work cuz i am so weak, and i am loopy and groggy... i got a couple pictures to show you..haha it is really whacked out... un poco extra~o. 

btw dad, when you said Alex hasn't found Henrice yet i busted a gut laughing cuz it is spelled, Enrique... the way you spelled it would be pronounced herise. lol anyway, dad that is a way cool idea with the saunas, hey i could even design them for you, with my architecture skizizles.. this last week was easier for me to get out cuz now i am in a car and i can actually get out there, i can't harvest...so president is mad at me because of that, but i told him that i am unable to walk until i can get some treatments,,, so you said don't worry about money? it is going to cost upwards of about 4000-6000 dollars but ok lol.  I have done the complete opposite of give up hope, I have asked for those blessings, i got a blessing last night about the situation i am in and the words that came from the Lord through Elder Shepherds mouth said these words "you have worried about leaving early because of the pain, i say to you, Have i not spoken peace to your heart? have i not comforted you? stand still and know that you are being watched very carefully, and being taken care of.." i was wowed.  There was my wow moment dad lol...so ya don't worry i will serve my heart out.  I told president i am not giving up.  I passed out this past week which scared the crap out of president and everybody.  but i am back on my feet now...and i will carry on... Onward Christian Soldiers! 

This mission is being watched by the General Authorities and they love what we are doing and are taking "the harvest" around the world... President told them, , this is not a surprise to this mission, but it comes because we have the best missionaries the world that the church has ever seen... i want to be apart of what happens next! don't worry mom, i wont come home by my free will and choice. 

Its starting to get humid here again...ay ay ay... oh ya and i will be skyping at 7:00 sunday night my time, 5:00 your time. i look forward  to it...i want to speak Spanish so badly but you only speak English lol... How are Ryans Visa stuff going? Oh and i am teaching a CANADIAN!!!!!!!!!!! he is super cool and he is as good as baptized!!! I bought another CTR ring on deseretbooks.com because my other one i gave to Maria, haha she wanted a spinny CTR ring so yesterday i gave it to her. but the CTR ring i bought broke :( so i am going to buy another one. i will use the MSF card tho, (missionary support fund) But i love you and thank you for all the prayers and fasting! it may not have cured me, but it has given me the strength to carry on.. until sunday, nos vemos!

Elder Dean and Elder Shephard
Yours Always,

Elder Maki (Gimpy)