Monday, July 23, 2012


Hey Mom!
Wow i miss my mountains! Here it si flat, so flat in fact, you can see for miles here in homestead, so as the transfer draws to a close in 2 weeks, we are worrid about our gators, they are not progressing.

I think my career idea changed... i really want to go into phisical therapy and improvement through movement studies... i think i would really enjoy it, and David, wants to be a Chiropractor. Maybe even we will work together! Oh Teiler!!! that is awesome that you got a good job like that!  that is super coool! you'll be able to save up for your mission! and get ready for the best time of your life!! im glad i did..! oh...dont die i still need a brother to pick on when i get home. ahhaha jkjk... Oh and this past month so far we have broken ground in the mission! we baptized 102 in 4 weeks as a mission! NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE! and just a few weeks ago president asked us what we were wiling to do to be able to do something we have never done before, and we said anything.. unfortunately my companionship hasnt baptized yet but we will in a the coming weeks, btw pray for me to stay in this area... i love it here... not as much as sunset but i need to stay here for a little we are going to the mall a little later on and i will probably buy a hat and sunglasses. my other sunglasses broke. but time pictures are taken, GET IN THE PICTURE! lol.. i miss your face!lol So how is the fat little runt Tiibo doing? how much does he weigh? like 50 lbs? So i am done with Polestar Pilates for now, it takes too much time for me to do the class, but every couple weeks or so (depends on if i stay or go) i might go for a one-on-one with Kathleen. but my abbs are getting pretty tight. it is nice...but i need to go now to send you something for David. I love you all! Take care and until next week, Hasta La Vista

Yours Always

Elder Maki

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