Monday, July 9, 2012


Hey Mommy!

Well this past week was awesome! losts of harvesting! left 20 blessings!!! crazy eh? 

thanks mommy! I seriously started crying while reading your email mom, it was seriously an eye opener, it made me reflect back on my mission, especially the picture of dad in the Miami Beach Florida shirt! Where the heck did you get that!?!?!?! lol at least its not a south beach shirt, you get that i will smack you so hard through the computer even it will get dizzy! lol no just that south beach is the closest thing you will get to the devil's layer (you know what i am referancing) also it is totally true, 

i always did want a sister didnt i? well i found one, and you didnt even have to buy her! lol. it was wierd cuz she has had such an astounding impact on me and I on her.  If you want her side of the story of the night i gave her that blessing, ask her. truly amazing!  teiler didnt write me again...well one year ago saturday i left the MTC into the Salt Lake City Mission...On and with the picture you sent, i think i am beating you all with the tan! muahahaha, i am super dark! ill send you a pic next week i forgot my camera. But this past week, we met so many people! biked a total of 170 miles in one week... ya the area is HUGELY HUGE! sorry i had crystalite juice mix this morning, feeling kinda crazy... lol and its P_DAY who can complainn right? i know exactly how Elder Krogue feels, when one is in a very special area and he gets to love the members, its hard to leave, like me and Sister Nava and Maria. , how long has he been out? 

 oh and the harvest approach is...."Hi! we are representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ! and He has sent us here to leave is peace and blessing upon your home and family! can we come in to leave that blessing?" then you go in and kneel down and you start the blessing with..'In the name of Jesus Christ and by his authority, we leave the savior's peace and His blessing upon your home and your family...' and then you bless each one as if you are giving them a priesthood blessing. and at the end you bless them with the desires and abilities to recognize the truth and to act upon the witness of the Holy Ghost. and then close in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. Works every time! its awesome! i hope it works for them.. we are the first mission to do it. so we have had all the successs but i hope it works for them it would be good for the Canada Calgary Mission. 

Dad it looks like you have lost some weight? or are you sucking it in? lol. tell Elder Krogue that i feel bad for them cuz they have to wear their long sleevs, i dont!!!lol it just means i have more area to get sunburnt, ALL YEAR ROUND!! lol uhoh now i am making fun of them, now thats not very Christlike. ;D Well i got to go find a talk online. I love you all and thank you for everything! P.S: Tiibo is HUGE! how heavy is he? and mom its a miracle you let them take a picture of you!

Yours Always 
Elder Maki

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