Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Florida here I come..........finally!!

Well we woke up in the morning and there was no call from Kodi or email.  So D and I and Nathan left to go golfing at Buffalo Hills G&C.C.  Apparently just after we left Kodi called our cell phone.  Obviously he didn't have a chance to get his emails or write any for that matter.

Monday, July 25, 2011


So it's Monday July 25, Kodi's P-day.  We are expecting a letter today with all of his travel info.  The only hitch in the plan is that we are on Holidays at Echo Lake MT.  So if he is allowed to phone from the airport, then he will need to phone us here at the cabin.  We are staying at Bullock's as usual.  They now have a new cabin.  The weather has been near perfect.  Lots of time to rest, relax and do nothing.  

The last time Kodi was scheduled to leave to Florida his flight was at some rediculous hour.  So if he does phone the cabin he will be waking up D and Marina.  D said he's ok with it though.

Well I'm gonna throw some pics on here of the new cabin and stuff.  So this is where we had to manuver the 5th wheel.  It only took 2 hours and the moving of a massive pile of wood.

So this is how deep the water is this year at Echo Lake.  Sources say that the lake is up 7 to 8 feet.  This landing used to be 6 feet above the beach.  Now its 2 feet under the water.

Monday, July 18, 2011


Hey everyone!!!
First of all, Mom happy Birthday 29 again right?lol Its great here! Even though it is just Utah Salt Lake City Mission it is awesome and a really humbling experience... So it was transfers this past week on wednesday and I was placed in a foursome with Elder Jubitz, Elder Beaumont who leaves for Mexico Monterrey West mission, and Elder Chamberlain. We also moved apartments to a really really luxurious basement suite in Hunter West, West Valley City.  Oh and the spanish question.  I will be speaking Cuban spanish, neither Spain nor Argentino, the way the cubanos speak.  Just picture this,  golf ball under your tongue and cotton balls in your cheeks lol... its interesting... I am excited tho lol.  Ok I am riding a bike and walking, depends on the day and how far we have to go... we had 5 investigators at church yesterday which was great, one is getting baptized on this coming saturday and 2 or three more the week after!!! The Hunter west stake is a hard one just because of all the drunk people...remember the north side of Lethbridge where we used to live, it is like that, and they all drink... oi what more is there to tell... Oh, we have a pool table in our apartment lol so everynight we have a little tournament lol.
Teiler whats up bro? You didn't email me today but you must be busy chasing chicas and all lol.   Just remember to be obedient!  You have a job yet?  Hows everything going?  You excited for grade 12? Holy crap your in G 12 already? HIJOLE que paso??? lol if you dont know what that means it means ( GEEZ what happened) I miss you man, I miss your humour and stuff oh and guess what?,  Elder Jubitz my companion, is a die hard A7x fan!!  I was so happy and we sing a couple songs every now and its sweet. 
I have gained a few more pounds in the field lol, and I have never eaten so many stinking beans in my life lol.   Yes I am gassy and spend a fair time in the bathroom at night lol.  But my shoulder is great but I still have 4 months left till I can lift weights or anything else for that matter lol.   My mission is great!, and being a missionary, you really are a massive part in miracle among the children of men.  It is amazing to see people change and accept a return visit.  Teiler you better serve a mission lol.  It has changed my life and it will change yours.. I see something in myself I never thought I could see.   Remember that we are all literal sons and daughters of God, and Jesus Christ is our Brother.   I dont have anymore time but I will write again next week of course.  I love you all, be safe and pray always... i'll see what I can do with the pics.
Yours always
Elder Maki

Monday, July 11, 2011


Well we can finally stop biting our nails!  Today, Monday, is Elder Maki's new p-day for the next 2 wks.  All the questions and waiting for news on his where-abouts is no longer an issue.  Here is his letter dated today.

Hey p-day is now monday, and you can now ONLY EMAIL ME... I got cleared by the Doctor but because of the transfer, I missed it by one day, so I have to wait for 3 more weeks...good news tho, they temporarily reassigned me to the Salt Lake City Spanish mission... so I am here, I have been here since Thursday and I am LOVING IT...teaching real people and all that fun stuff lol.   Mom sorry for not writing or calling on thursday but I found out about the Utah mission and they said they wanted me the same day within the hour, so I had to go back to the res and pack like crazy... The spanish people here are awesome!  The spanish they taught me in the MTC is not the spanish that is spoken here lol... they speak alot faster and slurr their words, but everyday I am learning more and companions are now Elder Gomez from Spain, and Elder Jubitz from Oregon...they are awesome and their are troopers for putting up with me lol.   As always I only have 30 mins for email so fast emails and stuff lol.    Anyway, it is awesome here, my first sunday was really cool,  I understood most of what was said. We have something like 8 investigators and all of them love us, except the parents of the one young investigator of ours...   All is well with me and I look forward to hearing from you next week.   
On the 26th of this month is when I leave for Florida also.  I love you all and I thank you for your support... Oh and I had my first experience with an answer to a prayer with numbers...  We were praying for how many baptisms we are to have this month (July) and I kept thinking of the number 3,,, Three ended up being the same number of my companions too.   It was amazing... I thought that the field would be completely different than it is... I love it here in Utah, I just cant wait to get to Florida lol.   The Lord is just testing me I know it... 
Teiler, te amo mi hermano, keep the faith in the Lord and you will be blessed.  I promise you this as a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.   Just remember what Nephi said, and what I want you to do, "I will Go and Do".   I love you Teiler. :D 
Dad, Que tal mi padre? you hardly write to me anymore lol,   I want to here more from you ok?  Thanx...oh my charger broke for my camera so there is no way to charge my battery :(   so I need to find a new camera.   I will look around but I wont get one till I hear from you next week. I love you all.  Ire, y hare que lo el senor ha mandado...

Suyos para siempre

Elder Maki

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Every day it's like sitting on pins and needles as we wait to hear what is happening with Kodi and his days in the MTC.  He sure is having an interesting experience with his mission so far.  We have seen how he has been blessed every step of the way.  He has had the opportunity to receive and give blessings.  He has blessed the lives of those who he has worked with as a tutor. 
I can only imagine how anxious he is to get to Florida and get going.  Hopefully soon we will find out that he is boarding a flight to Florida.  Let's all keep our fingers crossed and keep praying that he can be blessed yet again with a quick departure.

And again I thought this was going to be my last Thursday... Good news is I got cleared medically...but...because I missed the transfer, on the fault of my doctor, I have THREE MORE STINKING WEEKS HERE!!!!! 

Honestly I love it here, but there comes a time when it is time to go and for me that time is now. I spoke with my District President and he said its on my discretion if I want to stay here, or go home.  I said "Well in no way am I going home, but if there is anyway, I don't want to stay here either." So he got on the phone, contacted Salt Lake, and talked with Brother Peterson and he said it is definitely at fault of the doctor cause he refused to let me go see him on Monday, and fly out Tuesday... so......