Monday, April 30, 2012


Again I feel I need to precursor Elder Maki's letter with some explanation.  He met with an Orthopod (Orhtopedic Surgeon) and had an MRI and consult with him.  This particular Doctor is not a member of the church and is known to be very blunt and direct with his patients.  We can tell that Elder Maki is still discouraged at his physical limitations and discomfort.  However we have talked to his doctors as well as his Mission President and we know that he will be able to recover in the mission field.  Dr Staheli is confident that with steroids and other treatments as well as physio therapy he will get better.  So, on to the letter.....

Dearest Mommy,

Thank you for your letter, I saw the Dr. on friday and today, had an MRI and stuff and let me just say a few words...and sorry if these are hurtful in anyway.  I know President doesn't want to send me home, i don't want to go home, but get this, my pain is getting worse. I can hardly walk, i am getting ZERO sleep. i am running on empty. About your experience in the celestial room mom, at that moment, i felt i needed to do the reaching up, and grabbing the robe. I did, i reached up, but he didn't heal me, (now this was a dream btw) He helped me up, and told me, whatever happens, is for your benefit, and you are in my hands.. i then asked him, "if i leave, wilt thou accept my very best effort?" he replied with a gentle "I love you, how could i not?" Mom, Dad and Teiler, your prayers and fasts mean everything to me.  I know it is according to my faith, i have the faith to be healed, and please understand that i want to finish my mission. But this isn't a matter of wants, it is a matter of needs. i spoke with the Dr, today, and the first words he said as he walked into the room, "so you staying or going?" I told him "I think i am going" and he told me, "that is what you need, your MRI is fine, nevertheless, your pain is getting worse, you cant walk, twist, bend, allergy to anti-inflammatories, sleep...the best thing for you right now is swimming and rest.  i know you don't want to go, but i cannot treat you, if i do, it will cost you upwards of 4-6000 dollars."  I am trying to talk to president but he won't answer.  Please understand, i have prayed and fasted to know what is best, every scripture i read, every feeling i feel, which is a peaceful feeling, directs me home... your prayers mean everything and understand and know that they are not wasted, for your prayers have kept me going. there is only one want that gets fulfilled, that is what the Lord wants... If the Lord needs me home then he needs me home.. 

Yesterday was my spiritual boost for the week, we were at a noche de hogar (FHE) and it was really good, and then the girl, Michelle, afterward told us something that has been happening to her for a long time, (this came after giving sis. rodriguez a blessing for her back, and elizabeth a blessing of comfort,) and she asked us to give her a blessing of protection, an evil presence has been following her around and was looking for something... so we asked her where it happened most, she said in her room. i go in and imediately feel the presence.  I look at her, and i tell her it was there... we did the same thing we did with sister Nava and Maria, we dedicated the home and we cast out the Devils, i was literally talking to him, and he was talking back, but my faith surpassed my fear. and I commanded him to leave. after the blessing and dedication, we gave Michelle the blessing of protection and I passed out...dont worry, it was because of the spirit... like Ammon and his brethren.. It was amazing.. very powerful. 

Elder Maki's apartment in Sunset
Mom, Dad, Teiler. If i come home, know that i did my best, that the Lord is pleased with what i have done, because i asked him as i would ask dad. And i heard is voice saying "all is well my son. Return with Honor" Mom, Dad, and Teiler, i cannot express my love to you, but know that i am fighting with all my strength, mom you know all too well what it is like working on 0 sleep and with severe pain..Mosiah 3:7..... whatever happens, its in the Lord's hands, and i would ask you, as my family, to accept that... I know i will need to return home, i do not know when, but it is soon... Dr. Staheli is talking to president right now, and then i will talk to president myself, and we will figure something out... I KNOW that i need to return home, accept that fact, Dad, i have prayed for the strength, I am receiving it as i need it... But not only I, but the elders, and the Dr,s know that if i continue, i will end up in the hospital... we don't want that...on a scale on 1-10 my pain level is 9, no joke, if you could see me you would know...I am sorry if this letter was hurtful, but i needed you to understand my side...But not my will, but the will of my father in heaven, be done.  I love you all so much...Talk to you soon.

Yours Always, well...whats left of me anyway haha,

Elder Maki

Monday, April 23, 2012


Well this is one of those letters that I had a difficult time trying to decide if I should post it or not.  But after much consideration and prayer I feel that I should share it with you all.  Sometimes health issues, sickness, and other things can cause a missionary to become discouraged.  Discouragement is one of the ways which Lucifer can thwart the work.  So with that in mind, feel free to read this letter.  

UPDATE: We have since spoken with President Anderson, and received a letter from Dr. Stahli, who has already met with and examined Elder Maki.  Things are not as gloomy as this letter may make them seem.  We are confident that Elder Maki will be able to stay out on his mission and finish the work that he has been called to do.  He will be having an MRI soon and meeting with the Orthopedic Surgeon to discuss the findings.  

Mission calls are so inspired.  We really feel that Elder Maki was called to his mission, not only to find those who are waiting for him specifically, but because there is someone there who will be able to help him medically, and either diagnose his condition or be able to prescribe a solution to his issues.  The pain is his leg and lower back are completely unrelated to his back issues he had before he left.  So this is something new, and could be as simple as a spider bite or some type of reaction to something; or it could be more complicated.  We are hopeful though and know that his care is in the hands of the Lord.  We hope and pray that you will add your faith, fasting and prayers to ours for him.  Thank You for your love and support to Elder Maki.

Now on to the letter...

Dear Mom
Once again, i need you all to sit down. What i am going to tell you all is very sad and upsetting.  first of all, all i want you to do right now, at exactly this moment, is turn to page 22 in this months ensign and read the title.................................................................did you read it? if so, you know the title of this letter..... i am very disheartened, depressed, scared lo que sea. Mom, Dad, Teiler, this might be my last transfer in my mission..... I as district leader, had an exchange with elder Hanson, an A.P, and the purpose of the exchange was to see if my back is ok to work, Elder Hanson, expressed concern, and I was not able to work very hard. He talked to Pres. and he came to our apartment on Saturday, and asked me to see an orthopaedic surgeon, so hopefully this week i will get it to see Dr. Stringham, a member who understands very well missionary work and how difficult it already is let alone having a very bad back... The other 3 elders in the apartment, along with our ward mission leader and 2 of our ward missionaries, gave me a blessing yesterday morning, and it was when Elder Dean was saying, "If it be God's will, Be thou Healed" that everybody in that room, knew i would get better, but it might not be here in the mission field.. Sister Rodriguez, was crying not because it was a powerful blessing, but because she knew i would have to leave my mission to recover. If i do return home, i would beg of all of you, to not think less of me because i didn't serve my full time, but that i served my best.. I did the Lord's will, i fought the good fight.  But i am not done yet. I feel very strongly that maybe the reason why i may need to return home is to take care of Teiler, He is losing his anchors. I may not be strong physically enough for him, but i can be that spiritual anchor he needs... I fear not of going home, but i fear of what people may think, the missionaries here, the ward back home, so on and so forth.. When i met with pres. on saturday, he told me, "i don't want to send you home, i cant lose you.  Mom, Dad, Teiler, i do not want to come home, but it might be necessary.  but my mission wont end when the name tag comes off.  i will be the best member missionary anyone has ever seen.. the last thing i want to do is to say when talking to mom by skype, is "see you in a few days". i am not ready yet. i need to hit my goal of 40 baptisms, i have 18 right now. ok enough crying Elder Maki, lol.. I promise i will do my best, if my mission is done, then that is the lord's will. As soon as the lord permits i will go to the temple, whether at the end of my mission or at home, and i will ask him "I did my best, wilt thou accept my very best effort?" i just hope that answer will be yes.  Mom i am sorry for this letter, i can just imagine  you right now, i  hate seeing women cry, especially women i love.. Everybody knows i will be coming back here. i know that! who knows maybe i will even live here! i fear your response letter jaja. President Anderson may be talking to you soon about the situation..But just know that i love you and i am doing my best. President saw me walking and was very concerned. he told me to stay off the bike and don't walk alot.. i have lost 20 pounds and i am very weak.. i am not sleeping and i am very tired jaja... i hate to say it, but its gonna happen sooner or later, or by skype jaja , see you soon... i hope its the skype option... I love you all, so much! 

Yours Always,
Elder Maki

Oh and Sister Snyder Got Baptized

Monday, April 16, 2012


Hi Mami.

Well, back and leg are staying the same, but.... i now have a bacterial virus in my stomach, it sucks, cuz i cant keep foods down, i gotz the big D, i have been doing the double dragon all week.  it sucks, so it was another week in the apartment, oh well, this next week will be better.. but mom, answer to your question, Maria J. Hernandez is the person that we had the most amazing experience with, i still get chills at the thought of it :) she is awesome tho. she helps us out alot, especially me with being sick.  i don't feel good. but anyway. the spiritual experience this past week was actually last night, every monday, wednesday, friday and sunday i call all the missionaries in the district to follow up with them on their progress, last night because we live with the other elders, their numbers were not good at all, so the spiritual aspect of it was kinda cool, i listened to the spirit and it turned out to be a reproving, but a reproving they needed, they understood and we gave hugs and just talked about it,  so ya it was fun. lol... but other than that, Elder Gutierrez and i are getting along really well.

Teiler and I went Bungie Jumping at WEM
 I WANNA GO BUNGEE JUMPING!!!!!!!! lol but that might not be so wise to do so lol... best part, the doctors are going to refill my prescriptions, all of them, i just tell them when, and they do it nice and easy, and it only costs me 10 bucks.. oh and about the electric things, please, lol. physiotherapists told me that they cant really to anything with this problem but if i have it, they can easier, help me out with exercises.. TEILER!!! almost done school eh? then off to graduated life!!, dude, between you and me, enjoy school while you can will miss it. jaja ok so that's all that i have for this week... Mom hang in there, you are doing Great!  Dad, keep on keepin on lol.. and Teiler, study, lol and life's a garden, dig it.! I love you all, oh, i need more CD's for people about 10 copies if you can! thx don't forget.

Yours Always,
Elder Kodi Maki

Monday, April 9, 2012


Hola Mami!

so the back...still not so good, but you will be happy to hear, that i have a missionary who was just greenie broken and that i served within miami beach, his name is Elder Gutierrez from Tijuana Mexico, grew up in San Diego. it has been alot of fun oh ya i forgot, i am also District Leader is alot of fun but i was surprized at the calling.  it scared me a little bit but now i find it is very rewarding.  Btw i am surprized that i didnt get a happy humpday letter from you. My 1 year mark is on Friday..OYE CHICO that went fast. oh and when i return with honor, i will be coming back here at the end of May for a wedding, i promissed them i would be there, and i am a man of my word. wether i drive or fly i am coming back for the wedding on june 1st. just so you know. He wants me to be one of his best men lol. hows the famjam? dad to answer your quiestion about a career, i am actually not so sure at the moment, i would love to be an architect, especially now that i have this funky little something-syndrom in my lower  back.  i cant remember the name. but it hurts thats all i know. They were thinking it was multiplesclorosis or what ever but it is something different.  i still walk with the cane, and i have spasms again. it worries alot of people. i have lost alot of weight. 20pounds. so in the pics i have today you can see. we do service at our investigators house every saturday, and i was doing the hedges. Teiler, There is no shame going to grad without a date. you don't need commitment now anyway lol... stay away from getting hurt.  remember, before a mission girlsfriends are more like flicks, cuz sometimes you wanna flick 'em in da head! una pelea con las faldas. jaja. btw the reason that i use jaja instead of haha, is because in spanish j makes the h sound. h is silent in spanish. also dad for the liahona, i love the idea, and also all of the church dvds have it in spanish too so i can watch the testiments in spanish. i miss Elder Flores, he was amazing! . i am glad you all liked the experience, there will be manymore! this is my favorite area now. cuz so many things are happening here, Sunset is ready. 

So being Senior companion and District Leader has been interesting for the first few days, but i am excited to see what happens during this transfer, we have a baptism coming up for this Saturday, and then another for the next saturday. gonna be fun gettin into the water again lol.. btw about guitars, are you guys keeping my guitars nice? those things are my pride and joy you know, please keep them clean, and dust free. dust actually erodes the enamel finish on the guitars. especially acoustics.  so May 13 is the day to phone home for mothers day, or skype , i will do all i can to Skype. so what were you able to find concerning the electronic pulse thing for my back? i need one if possible to get.  having a cane isnt so badi guess, now i have something to hit someone with if they make me mad lol, jokes, Elder Dean's new companion is Elder Shepherd who came in with Elder Gutierrez so it is fun.  Elder Gutierrez is a loud snorer too... i sleep hard as it is with my back lol... i have to end this letter, but really quick, my spritiual experience this week was my first District Training, completely by the spirit, the whole district was crying, it was about the atonement. it was really nice. I love you all so much. Mom, hang in there, your pain will soon be gone.  Dad, keep doing all you can, Teiler, keep a readin! im so proud of you. keep it up.  See you in a year lol. ay ay ay time flies

Yours Always,
Elder Maki

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


hello Mommy, 

oki doki, so transferres are actually tomorrow and elder Flores goes home and i stay here in Sunset. i am so excited, i am curious on who i will get.  i am going to miss elder Flores tho... My back is still giving me troubles but i have asked, and the Lord told me that i need to bare with patience my afflictions, which are meant to build me and modify me , ok so the back thing is basically the machine they used on my back after the excercises during physio, but they also want me using an ab work out belt, to strengthen my core, just search on google Contour ab belt and it should pop right up.  and yes i got the package, and i sent the camera as fast as i could but the post offices were all closed down here :( so it is sent as of last week). now to the spiritual before i go on, i want you all to be sitting down and holding on to something, you all aregoing to be on a spiritual rollercoaster!!! especially Teiler... ok so last monday, we had a FHE at sis. Nava's house with Maria and the recent converts, it was great, afterwards, everyone left, and as we were about to leave, sis. Nava told us she needed to talk to us about something that happened to her and Maria...

So at this point I need to say that sometimes Elder Maki has such personal and sacred experiences, that it is not proper to post them in a public blog.  The experience which he and Elder Flores had was just such an experience.  I don't dare publish it publicly.  Needless to say it was something that was amazing, powerful, strong, life altering, and very spiritual.  It was a great example of the Power of the Priesthood, and of an inspired Stake President who; when he set apart Elder Maki; was prompted to bless him with certain spiritual gifts relating the Priesthood.  These gifts, as strange as they may have sounded at the time, make complete sense to us now.  

In areas of the US there is a movement referred to as Santaria.  I don't understand much about it other than this particular day the Priesthood was needed to bless a home and rid it of the influence of the Santaria.  

It is amazing to see how the Lord uses his called, chosen, and set apart servants to bless the lives of his children.  

Elder Maki has sent some pics, so I will share some of them with you all.