Monday, July 2, 2012


Hello Mommy!
So this past week was pretty freakin awesome! we had transfers, and Elder Hardman is up in Wellington now, that is about a drive from stirling to Calgary, and Elder Smith came from Jupiter, right next to Wellington down to me in homestead. He is from...of course Utah, the factory as we call it, he is the 10th of 11 kids, and he reminds me alot of elder bishop! he is awesome! we tore this place apart the last half of the week, and we had 3 gators at church and they all now have dates for the 22nd of July, please pray for Brittany and Riley, that they will get married, and baptized, and pray for Fidel Delatore that he will accept our msg and have the desires to come closer to Christ.. those are the three gators that came to church, Brittany has 3 absolutely adorable kids, Marshante who is almost 5 and is deaf, she is soooo cute, everytime we are there she says to me in sign, I love you. and Rekayla is 2 and she is just a little fireball! lol she runs around but when they are at church she is the cutest girl! and Riley junior is 1 and he just looooooves to laugh! he looks at me and i smile and then he just laughs and laughs lol... ill send a pic next week of them.. i havent sent the reciepts yet but i am filling the last pages of my one journal and then i will send them home.. we biked 23 miles the other day and then 19 yesterday. our area is huge!!! but i love it! i love being back on two wheels! :I) it sucks in the wind tho. The new car is sick! it is so cool! looks nice! cant wait to drive it, in 9.5 months :S scary thought.. 

yes i got all three pkgs and i have given some stuff away, the big turk bites and the smarties are all gone now lol, i just wish i could find some of that stuff here! so time is going by way too quick its kinda scaring me. and sorry about the cool your jets thing, i wasnt having a very good week.. and on top of that i was sick, and achy but i am doing ok now, i woke up this morning a little under the weather again.. i want some pictures of my mountains! good ol' Alberta Rockies! i miss mountains, in case you didnt know, you wont find anywhere flatter than here! lol... so we had a tropical storm come through here but luckily it didnt hit us but hit orlando-ish area.. we are deffinately gonna get something fun this year, cuz its been sooooo hot and humid lately, but we will all be warned even before the news crews find out no worries.... 

yesterday was the spiritual experience for the week.. after church we went by Brittany and Riley's and they had asked that we dedicate the home. someone apparently cursed it and we deffinately felt it once we walked in the home. we dedicated it as a place for gosple living, as a place of worship, where an eternal family relationship can build, protection, and it was amazing! they all felt the spirit, and they opened up even more! 

so i stil havent found another mission mom in this area yet but they are out there, Sister Tellez is getting pretty close lol.. or maybe sister Mckee.  more likely sister Mckee but anywho I have nothing else to write, but Teiler, what happened? no news on said road trip! lol. take care everybody! i love you all!!!!!!

Yours Always
Elder Maki

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